Our Tea Brewing Guide

Do not be daunted into brewing the perfect cup of tea. This is not a hard and fast rule but rather, we would like you to fully immerse in the process – which is to appreciate the wonderful and warm feeling from the tea.  

We have created this simple brewing guide to get you started on preparing your very own cup of tea. We hope you enjoy this fun and personal experience. 

Pick your mood 

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| 1.Boil Water 

The quality of water plays an integral role as a cup of tea is made up of 99% water. Ideally, spring water or fresh filtered water is best for brewing tea. We do not encourage using re-heated water or distilled mineral water as the acidity will affect the character of the brew. 
When you are boiling the water, you may notice how the bubbles start to form on the surface. It is advisable not to boil the water for too long when you are using it to brew tea.
Once it starts to form bubbles, around the size of a crab’s eye, you may off the fire.
Alternatively, you can also observe the steam of the boiling water. Once it starts to look like the image above, the water is about 98 degree celsius.

| 2.Select and pre-warm your tea ware and vessel 


Pre-warm your teapot or teacups by rinsing with hot water to maintain the temperature of the brew during the steeping process. 

| 3.Add tea leaves

Place 7.5g of tea leaves into a 150cc teapot (or tea leaves to water ratio 1:20)



| 4.Water Temperature and Steep Time

To brew a good cup of tea, you have to control the right temperature and the steeping time. You may refer to the guidelines below
(You may alter the steeping time depending if you like it light or strong)

All our teas are best served straight up so that its taste profile will not be compromised. However, if you would like to include sweeteners such as milk or honey, or any other accompaniment, we recommend adding warm milk only to black teas and brewed for a longer period. 


| 5.Serve

Pour out the tea to the tea cup and enjoy it. Infuse for a second time if you would like to have more. We hope you enjoyed our tea.
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